Are There Any Guidelines For Online Poker Play?

My first Online Poker Play hand was dealt at breakneck speed, in a back room, no less exotic than a strip club. I was not keen. Two thousand dollars! With barely any hesitation, I125 EXCITED my first professional tournament. Only thing was my pocket was about pocket 3’s. I will never forget the look on the faces of the other players as they watched me get knocked out, simply because of the cards I was dealt. Only thing was, they did not know that I was dealt 3’s.

Most new poker players are not so lucky. Over 90% of new Online Poker Play players are losing money before they buy their first set of poker chips. lumbung88 longin Poker is one of the most rewarding card games ever invented, but it is a game of skill. Just because you are dealt 4 aces in your first hand does not mean you will win those chips in the long run. However, it is possible to change your skill from that point forward. Many guidelines exist to improve your game, but it can be said that very few guidelines exist to improve your bankroll management. Therefore, the next time you lose and have no idea how or why, than you can take a close look at your game and Perhaps start to change some things around.

Now if you lose frequently, and have no idea why, than you have a problem. The problem is not with the game, but with you as a poker player. You have become detached from the money. To understand this problem, you will have to understand what role emotions play in your bankroll decisions.

Your emotions will leave you no other choice but to believe that a miracle can make you whole again. Miracle after miracle, you remain positive that eventually you will win. miracle after miracle. There is nothing wrong with this, it happens to the best of us. On the other hand when you are on that losing streak, you suddenly become revengeful. You blame the poker site, the bad beats, the suckouts, the long runs of bad cards. After a while you realize the only thing that can make you leave the Online Poker Play game is to walk away.

You know those poker players that have to keep playing until they lose thirty five times to get the next payout. At that point, they have lost more money than they can possibly recover. So many poker players let their bankroll get so low that even though they are losing, they are not losing enough. Then they get frustrated and angry at themselves. Instead of taking a small bit of their winnings and stop playing, they make the decision to leave the poker game. This is an emotional reaction.

Instead of playing with your winnings, you play with your losses. Poker was not invented to make you feel good. Rather it was meant to be a steady income. It is a difficult game to learn but once you have mastered it you will be a profitable poker player. This does not mean that you will be leaving the game with a profit, rather you will be leaving the game with a loss.

Therefore if you are not having a profitable month, you have not yet entered profitable poker playing ground. One good month study your opponents and play less aggressively than you usually do. Be patient, stay cool and be patient. Win some bets, lose some bets no one came close to you and you will still be in the game.

Play poker to make a profit. If you are forcing yourself to play this low a percentage of your bankroll than you are being a loser in any case.

One of the readers was unable to handle the swings in his bankroll and decided to stop playing poker. Instead of accepting defeat and losing his poker bankroll, he began to blame his poker-related problems on bad luck. Ironically, the very thing that brought him to poker in the first place was bad luck.

You should be able to do this with few exceptions. If you are winning and go on a hot winning streak, which means you are getting attractive, you should leave the game when you are still at a break-even. At this point you are already making a profit.

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