How to Make Money at Roulette With the Labouchere System

This is a betting system that has been around for many years and used by many gamblers both in live casinos and bonus-deposit online who offer horse betting systems to help them to make money from the casino games they enjoy.

How to Make Money at Roulette With the Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is a positive progression system that uses a series of numbers in a line to help you to increase the overall amount of your bets if you lose.

  1. How the Labouchere System Works

The line can be as simple as a line of numbers in a row or two lines where numbers are used in each line. Either way, you must apply the system to the numbers in the line you are placing your bets on.

The key to this system is to wait for either a red or black result before you start. If you bet on the black or the red the total amount of your bet is reduced by the same amount. If you bet on both the black and the red then the additional money above your initial bet is multiplied by two.

For example, if you start betting on the black in the auction and the red shows the results profit is less than it would be if you’d bet on both the black and the red. The system then helps you to recover your initial bet.

  1. Staking Plan

This part of the system is a little more complicated and requires more scrying and studying the outcomes of the past till you get the hang of it.

First, you take the sum of all your last wins and add it to the beginning of the line with the number of numbers. It could be adding the number of wins or subtracting the number of losses. either way, you must do this before you move on otherwise things can get ugly quick.

Then, place your bet on the second number in the line. bonus-deposit If you win, you move on to the third number in the line. If you win again you add the number of the win to the end of the line and this is the number you bet on.

You should end up with an even money bet that is higher than the previous bet. And, only after you have bet an even amount can you move on to place an even larger bet.

This system works best when you have a good knowledge of even and odd betting. You’ll also need to be good at remembering the numbers that have come up. It’s a good idea to bet on either odd or even, but never both.

You may be asking how to bet on two numbers by betting the sameserieties with your chosen method. The answer is simply to place your numbers in two separate lines. Be careful making someseriety of number and update your numbers. As a result, you’ll end up betting on two different directions of the line and if the ball connects with either of them then you’ll receive a zero win.

Another method is to place your numbers in the middle of the line. This way you have a little more than 50% chance of getting the right number.

The actual chances of the ball landing in any of the spaces is still unknown. But by betting on either one of the three lines, or again two lines, you have a better chance of getting the right number and this spreads your losses a little further.

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