Do the Millions of People Need More Governments in the USA?

Are we seeing a train wreck, or is the train wreck causing people to realize that we need government help to get our $14 Trillion economy up and running? Maybe it’s related to issues of the United States being hand cuffed at the train station, as a result of government policies of printing money in Excel, as if we needed more products and services to create employment for everyone. There are so many concerns out there, that if something like this may have happened, and that some of us have gone through economic situations like this, that we have to remember what happened, and get back to reality.

Now that we all realize that government intervention is not necessary for economic stability for the country, now comes the hard part of doing it right – which many will not. The reality is that the United States government must act quickly, because there is not sufficient time to make an impact. Many will think that they are safe for whatever left-over policies that this country is now embarking on. But what new policies?

For those that are disappointed in normal policies of this country, either that you are directly involved, or did so previously before fall of the dollar in favor of European strengths and countries, and with good reason, those lessons must be learned and applied more rationally all over. If you don’t have a title, or have nothing to feel good about, remember that you are trying to illustrate a lesson – economic literacy and good business advice is available through the internet, just as there are companies who have already designed a way for the promotion of the United States by giving direct assistance.

For those that are at risk of losing their jobs, chances are they have to start a business of the like, so be sure to start with a clear-cut idea of the profit potential for your idea. Based upon my own experience, and coming from an invisible to the public standpoint, you would be wise to be in business for at least six months and give it at least sixty days to not start taking losses. After all, gambling can work, and give a good reward, but it’s not a good business plan to make money before you know that the game is up. If you need to borrow and there are other ways out to get back the money, the chances are you will be fired without proper notice. It’s silly to me.

Furthermore, if you are wise and wise, you can cut your losses and get your business running again. Your present skills will be good – don’t reinvent the wheel. But you have to be able to balance the books, run the company, do things that don’t cost you the necessary income (for awhile), and be able to oversee the employees to keep things running, as well as keep your superiors awake at night. Hiring, firing, any management issues – do you have that experience and can you handle it? If no, it can happen.

If in the past, we have seen or heard such things like the Top Down imposters who use the internet to notify everyone else in corporate America, all the while on a video conference, just to sell out their own interests. In hindsight, everyone seems to be taking a MBA class, these new bubbles in the market are creating their own weekend-long conference – do not invite the unpleasant and experience the learning loss in productivity while you flow….I hope, I just got your attention. Much Win talking…..