When playing the backgammon game, how to play backgammon successfully is the question that needs to be answered for every player. Backgammon is a game that has been developed over the course of two millennia, and it is a game that is equally enjoyed by men of all ages. This is something remarkable, considering that the backgammon rules have been around for only twenty four years. Although initially a game played by soldiers in the Roman Empire, it has developed into one of the recognized forms of leisure now enjoyed by people of all ages throughout the world.

The Egp88 of the game is believed to have originated from the ancient lands of Egypt. The ancient names of the backgammon board include the names of their respective pots. The pots for the game of backgammon are the pots of prosperity. The ancient symbols used for the backgammon board were the ones similar to the ones used for the dice in the present day version of backgammon. The use of dice to roll the ball was one of the most important elements of the ancient game of dice. The ancient tribes of the world would take each other’s side by turns, and by means of rolling backs of their dice, would mark their opponents’ numbers. The game of dice also greatly influenced the later development of the backgammon rules, and the doubling of the stakes in the game of backgammon in the Middle East around the hijacking of Roman soldiers of the ancient East during the reign of the Roman Empire is one of the main themes that influenced the development of the modern game of backgammon.

During the period between the years ca. 500 and ca. 500, the people of the British Isles, especially the Irish, took it as a game of amusement and recreation. They played the dice games on the wildeland and river banks of the countries, and by means of thereof, they would both socialize and flaunt their wealth. When the rules of the game of backgammon were improved, it became popular among the British intelligentsia, and it took place in the halls of theomeday. When the French revealed their version of the game of backgammon in the1770s, it led to the splitting of the two separate versions of the game into two different “adelves”, each with its own rules and separate champions. The game of backgammon as we know it today dates back to the year 1185, when the Roman Empire had split in two by the battle of the Falcon conqueror Marcus Domasian along the Danube River. Thus, the game of backgammon, as it is known today, escape the intervening centuries of the two rival emperors’ triumphs and the subsequent fall of the Roman Empire. Backgammon as we know it today is a direct descendant of the game that was known as Tabula (the Roman cognation of the game), and that the British Royal Navy called the Queen’sassemblage.

The game of Tabula (the Roman cognation of the game) spread with the Roman Empire’s vast conquests across the known world, until it ultimately evolved into the Kings Hold’em of today’s poker. Tabula’s rules were not unlike those of today’s backgammon, and the game of “marbles” as it was called, is thus one of the forerunners of the modern game of backgammon. Marcus Domas, a Roman emperor, is said to have been an avid backgammon player, and the eternal font of all knowledge on the Roman past, authored the Commentaries on the War in diligently revised in theLate Amateur Gamesbook that had been published in Ancient Rome just before his reign, and which has survived all the ages to our time.