Even the best minds will fail to make money if taken by the wrong hand in no limit holdem. When you raise before the flop, you are putting yourself at a greater disadvantage than if you had of waited until the flop to raise. Let’s take a closer look at this no limit holdem strategy concept.

First, a general rule of thumb as to what hands will not make money:

  • Generally, very strong hands do not win unless there are straight or flush draws on the flop. You will not win unless there are three cards of a particular suit or if there is a possibility of a full house.
  • Even stronger hands may lose if there are several players in the hand with the same hand. The odds are high for a person to have a strong hand, when many other players are in the pot.
  • Opinion is a strong determiner of future hands – If you have an Ace in your hand and there are two other Aces in the flop, you have an Ace high flush draw. If there are many other people in the pot with two other Aces, you will have a good shot at a flush.
  • Never put an Ace on a Jack or better. You have an Ace, but you do not have a high kicker, so there is a possibility that someone has a better Ace.
  • Never make your flush to high. An Ace high flush is usually only good, if there are three cards of the same suit.
  • Three cards of the same suit? Usually, no. Except in rare cases, unless you have an Ace, and someone else has raised, you are in third place.

So, what about two pairs, odd twos, and flushes?

  • If you have an Ace-you have Ace King or Ace 8 if there are no other possible cards higher than 8.
  • If you have two matching cards, you have the option of putting them in or folding.
  • If you have a King-you have Ace Queen or Ace Jack.
  • If you have a Queen, you have either a high pair or a set. Do not use Ace’s unless you have Ace Jack.
  • If you have a Jack, you have either a high pair or a set. Again, if you have Ace Jack, keep it.
  • If you have an 8 and there is no raise, you have Ace/King.
  • If you have a King, you have either a high pair or a set.

If you suddenly raise four times the big blind with a middle pair like a Jack or something, the first thing that is going to happen is that someone is going to call you with a weaker hand than yours. You are going to lose a lot of chips to a better hand than yours, so before you get into a hand, you need to decide whether you want to risk the chips in the pot or not.

  • Remember what Ace is for low players, and Ace Ace is for the best players.
  • Two suited cards are always welcome help.
  • Never risk a lot of chips to a hand that does not have a good kicker.
  • Not all flops are the same -Different flops mean different things to different players.
  • When you have a high pair, the idea is to get players to fold.
  • Two high cards in the flop, especially if there are other draws, are incredibly hard to play against.
  • The concept of expected value is something you need to understand, especially in a higher stakes game like turbo.
  • Even if you have a good kicker, if there are several players in the pot after you, you are not guaranteed to win the pot.
  • Maintain motivation. If you are not going to win the pot, than you probably aren’t going to make any money in the session.

I hope this helps some of you to how to improve your poker game, and I also think that if you just add these PokerBo strategies to your arsenal, you will be profitable. You need to really work hard and learn a lot of stuff to improve your game, because most of the players that make money, have a coach or mentor with them and you probably do not want to repeating that.

Are you ready to improve your game so that you can win enough money to quit your day job? I bet you are, and I hope you will find the information in this article useful. I wish you the best of luck!