Whether you are an interesting player of poker who does not know how much money to bet at the start of the game or just a beginner yourself, I know that you, like me, are interested in learning how to become a better poker player. You are also curious to know where the best poker strategy to make money takes place. Although, the place is not a casino, you can also play online poker against other players at different online poker rooms. You may be wondering what is the best poker strategy to become a better poker player.

While this may be a little commonplace, most of the poker players actually find it hard to implement an effective poker strategy to win. Most poker players will just find a way to blamed the luck heavily on the usage of the poker hand. Normally, one will end up playing with no caution.

The Bankroll

The single most important aspect to becoming a better poker player, which almost all poker players quickly learn, is the MPO777. This is the amount of money you have put aside from outside sources of income, e.g. inheritances or your working income. If you do not have enough bankroll, you cannot play in the stakes that you want to. You end up playing with scared money and you will have to play in scared bets.

The poker is also a game of big pots. Most of the poker games present on the internet are tournaments and they are available in many poker rooms. The larger the pot, the more aggressive players tend to be. This is the essence of the poker strategy, for you always want to be on the safe side, so you do not end up losing too much of your bankroll too early.

Cash games

Cash games are the other place in which you can increase your bankroll. In cash games, you can sit at the beginning of the game and in the middle, trying to get the best value for your hand. For example, in the later stages you are not mostly trying to win the blinds but mostly trying to protect your blinds. This is the poker strategy when you are playing with a weak hand. Normally, one would move all-in with a strong hand to try to get the blinds to the other players.

But, there are also other reasons why you may move all-in. Let us say that you are having a small stack. If you think that the all-in could eliminate you, you better think again.


You want to play poker in a position where you can take advantage of your position to win the game. If you are sitting in a late position, your opponents will not have a chance to act behind you. Being in a blind position also entitles you to take advantage of weaker hands.

There are also those games in which you want to be in a later position than other players. If you are well aware of the fact that you are a few steps ahead, you might want to play more hands in the later position.

Other poker strategy Tips

You should also pay attention to the fact that your opponents play differently depending on the position they are in. If you know that you are playing against tight players in an early position, you should throw out occasional raisers and small pocket pairs. You are not likely to face this situation often, so it is okay to let things get there lower and work your way up.

In the all, you should try to take advantages of your position to win games. If you are aware of how your opponents play, you can easily manipulate them. If you are not aware, and you see an opening, you should be there.

Being aware of your opponents’ tendencies is important, but even when you cannot beat the all odds, you should work harder to be there when it is actually a best time to play poker. Being too lazy will just get you into trouble.