Temple assistant professor, Raymond Wong, has proven that the real skill in blackjack can be found as a professional player rather than a casual one like you see on TV. Wong has won numerous blackjack tournaments and has even managed to bring his winnings to the MIT Blackjack teams. MIT blackjack players bring in a modest income every month.

Despite offering huge amounts of money, blackjack is still seen as a game of luck and even foolishness. However, if you remove the luck factor, many facts become clear. For instance, how much you will bet is set by the casino and nothing else. If the house has an edge, it is mathematically impossible to beat them over the long term.

Professional blackjack players know that the house has no edge and while you are in the Vegas88, you are under the control of the house and have no choice when to stop for the day. Every professional player knows the only way to beat the house is to have an edge.

For instance, if you are playing $5/$1 at a $100 buy in, you hold 5 cards so as to give yourself 5 chances to win. You will receive 2 cards and the dealer will receive the other two. If you hit your 21, you will have made $95. If you have a 21 with the dealer, you are paid even money on your bet and you keep your hand. The payouts to you are 3:1.

As you can see, the house has no edge. If you can differentiate whether a casino has a positive edge or not, you are in the casino to win, not to lose. The statistics concerning the every hand reveal that statistics are with the house. However, there are certain occasions when the player has a positive edge. One of these situations is known as blackjack under train.

Blackjack is under train

When you are an experienced player you will realize that the house has a bigger edge than the player. Under train or windows pass line is another type of edge if you can receive a 21 with the first two cards you receive from the dealer. Every casino has a house advantage of around .60% ELOW .5% which is great, but you won’t receive that third card until the 12th card played. Much better odds under train or windows pass line are the perfect combination of a .60% house edge and a 5% bet investment to play. The house edge is just a little over 1% when you are betting right and the odds of hitting a 21 are slightly over 10%. This is a great time to bet and hit the 21, as the odds are heavily stacked in your favor.

An experienced player will play blackjack for about 30 hours on a $5/$1 table, while a novice will probably play for only 10 to 12 hours. Why spend the additional time practicing when you can win by spending the extra $10 or so. I have won about $2000 by waiting for a 21 and hitting it. The reason you should wait for a 21 is to only have to hit that hand to win rather than have to hit a 7 and lose since your odds are 5:1.

So as a beginner you should keep in mind the worst hand and learn the basic strategy. Once you know the basics, play blackjack for money or for fun.