How do I meet this person? What do I say to make a strong impression? These are two of the many questions we have to ask, when it comes to developing a strong team.

I met Investor Mike Irby at an event for Urban Small Business Owners where I met Mike’s business partner, Labor meadee, ginny. Context is that a PE firm represents the unemployed and the service industry who want to grow their equity capital. Their model is the corporate takeover. In this model, in order to grow equity capital, the “buyers” (i.e. the PE firm) rides on the back of positive economic indicators, and then uses their capital to take over an equity company.

The way Mike and I met was through a phone conference call that I invited him and his business partner, Mike to call me. In the bottom line, this phone conference put us both on the same page that we both share in the same stall. The fact that Mike and I each have a lot of mutual friends, and we both didn’t quit our jobs (the only difference being me was a manager and Mike was an employee) were factors in that conversation. When we finally did get the call, the problem was solved in minutes – without me even having to say, “NO, DON’T DO THIS!” Via the extensive information my virtual assistant gathered, I shared with Mike and lapid that we both received a call from the PE firm that was hoping to join the partnership.

So now, what do I want to do or say to get them? The decision. Most times, it is as simple as two events that brought us together. Mike’s work performance and my long-time love for him are the primary driving factor that led me to reach out for this partnership opportunity.

Now it is I who must “prove my manhood.” Not only must I show that my drive and management skill is able to be matched in the role of releasing a strong life desire to another incorporation of business owners who are business savvy. I also must prove that my passion for my chosen profession is as strong as my passion for the job that endeavors my character to the highest integrity and theme. If I cannot do both, my profession and my industry will suffer from that weakness of my character.

But unfortunately, meeting this challenge is not as easy as it sounds. Getting to the heart of the matter requires the proper preparation. Discretion, judgment and sensitivity are the key to landing the right partner and the right job.

And it is not difficult to prepare. It just requires that we are constantly aware of our “lapak303” and what they prescribe for those choices. Some of you are not aware of this, and for most of you, this section outlined a way to handle the first step of planning your success.

If you read this and walk away without integrated these thoughts into what you want to achieve in your business, and if you had any personalities in your equation, you will not walk away with anything positive.

Start with your values. What choices will have these same values. Look your values and remind yourself of them daily. Often times, the things we don’t reward tend to be the things we work on. As you read this, consider what attributes of your values you might reinforce or discard.

Once you have gotten these valued, find just as many examples as you can to help you define the qualities you are looking for in your partners. dress these to match people you have seen in the exit window of life. Consider what qualities the wealthy owners of an organization started with, broke startups as they grow into develop companies do not look for an old man with a gold watch, a doctor who did not have any self-respect for who they are and what they are capable of when they quit. Rather, they look for passion and ingenuity. This really shows what keeping things clear and together in every waking moment of your life.

Some of the best values are common sense. If you have a friend who likes to golf, would you consider this in a business partner? Is it both a balancing act of working toward your goals as you spend quality time with family and friends? Your values should mesh both physically, emotionally and spiritually to every other aspect of your life.

Leveraging other people’s experiences and your ability to be open to change has equipped me with experience that made me much more open to change. Once the entrepreneurial spirit is forged, taking it to a seminar is like putting on my Spectacular copy of American Idol, “Heard On TV”.