Do you ever wonder what is taking too long in some of your marketing initiatives? You need to know the answer to these very important questions whether you are in business, small business or a web store. The answer is Copy. The purpose of your marketing efforts should be to entice people into buying something that they are already thinking about.

For example, let’s assume you have a blog and a squeeze page with a call to action. Your squeeze page might say,”What can make me save 15% on my weekly grocery bill?” It is a unique offer that would look great in all of the top search engines. This is what you want, but before you can move further, you need a compelling offer on your squeeze page. In your blog on your website, you simply say,”The website in the top right hand corner of this page is updated every Thursday.”

cupends a unique offer that would grab people’s attention and send them to the squeeze page.

In your squeeze page on your blog, make sure you include a call to action. Use…

At the end or on the page that addresses the Audience of the copy Your call to action might be to sign up to find out more from you Your call to action could be to click the link to get more information from you Your call to action could be leaving a name and an email address It could be that you ask for the recipient’s name Your call to action could include a coupon At the end of each blog post or post on the squeeze page, make a “nagapoker” form to capture the reader’s name and email ID Give them a compelling reason to “sign up”

Calls to action deal with the information you need to address to bring your readers into your marketing mindset and your mindset in terms of what it is you want to get out of your copy.

For example…

Do you want your prospects to become a client? Do you want them to get your product? Do you want them to bath longer? Do you want them to go to a workshop? Do you want them to visit a conference? Do you want them to reinvent their wired world? Do you want them to take a spokesperson test? Do you want them to get better grades? Do you want them to vote? Do you want them to contact you? Do you want them to join a club? Do you want them to open an account with someone they are trying to contact? Do you want them to rent a car? Do you want them to get more customers?*Do you want them to spend a certain dollar amount?

It is a carefully thought out list of options for you to include in your copy (Which you should be posting multiple times per week) that is designed to cause them stretch their wings and have a reason to want to click your affiliate link.

When you’ve completed your plan, make sure you instantly share it to all of your social media friends, contacts and followers without delay. Let them know what their successful actions would be and provide them the link, video or other link that would allow them to take those action. If you do it right, you will have created loyal customers in no time. Your improved results will be because you are making regular “touches” to them that constantly reinforce your message because they see what you’re doing and know you are enthusiastic and truly interested in what they have to say.

Part of this process is your ability to create an impact and capture someone else’s attention that is earning you money. This may be a one-time event like a radio or television commercial, trade show or trade show event… it may be an ongoing interaction on your blog or with your ” gracious” staff.

Organizations and businesses like Sales force Marketing (if you don’t already have one) work closely with you throughout the process and skillfully track the results. If you have not taken advantage of the many tools available, get started. If you are one who does not have an assistant who can handle the process, be sure to still have something going on on your calendar. Have a calendar and schedule visible with everyone who helps you succeed. Keep your priority impact high.