Card counting is the process of dealing with the probability that one has the advantage, and calculating the optimal amount to bet, when one has the advantage. Card counting is entirely legal, but casino executives believe that card counters steal from the casino, and in some instances the deck is stacked against the true Count.

If you know the 4 major myths that people like to believe in, then you can increase your edge.

The First Myths

All card counting systems are the same – they all rely on some mathematical formulas to determine when the deck is rich in high cards, and when it is rich in low cards. In fact, you can apply an infinite number of card counting systems to determine the probability of getting a high card, or a low card. However, casino card shufflers quickly shuffle the deck, Sample the cards, and prevent you counting cards.

The Second Myths

Some systems require that you memorize a chart for each card played; others don’t, and some just tell you what to do. While the easier systems probably won’t require memorization, the more complicated ones can be quite intimidating especially to the new player.

While memorization is important, there is only one level of my system knowledge. I don’t like to waste my time listening to a complicated argument, so I studiously avoid the more complicated argument without making any attempt to justify the exact information. You won’t have time to refine your argument as you translate from level to level. In any case, listen to your instructor only as he or she is an authority.

You’ve heard the Panen138 INC champions speak about 12 step and 30 minute techniques. These are very important steps that you have to master before you go on to use more complex strategies. If you cannot master the basic techniques, you may be uncomplete and unable to use the more complex strategies.

Expert Blackjack players agree that the easiest Blackjack tip to remember is to raise your bet when you have a good chance of beating the dealer. If you’re not sure, and the deck is heavily against you, hit. There is, however, a bigger issue, and that’s that you must raise your bet when you have a good chance of beating the dealer. Don’t be afraid to bet higher, if the deck is heavily against you, or bet the same, if the deck is heavily in your favor. It’s worth taking the risk, because if you win, you win more than if you had gone bust.

When you are dealt two cards face up, don’t draw any cards. Once you get your two cards, look at them, but don’t turn them over. These are cards you’ll have no use for. Also, don’t take your chance staring at the dealer when you’re trying to get a read on them. A good deck holds 13 – 16 cards where you can fold any one of them, if you’re in the mood for some fast friendly casino gambling.

If you’re not paying attention to the dealers hand, hope is not lost. Players who can’t resist a glance at their hole cards are bound to lose. It is better to be overly optimistic, and make an aggressive bet at the blackjack table, and hope to get paid off big early if you’re in the mood for slow-paced, friendly casino gambling.

The most important of all tips for playing blackjack, especially on a losing streak is to keep your cool. Don’t lose it, already. Don’t be obsessed with beating the dealer, and don’t lost sight of the fact that other people at the blackjack table are doing the same thing.